Recent Projects


2013 - 2015

  • Apportable. A native alternative implementation of CocoaTouch stack, written mostly from scratch, that runs on Android. Objective-C/C/C++/Java/iOS/Android
  • ApportableFoundation - Apportable Foundation. Objective-C/C/C++/Java/iOS/Android


  • BirtdayGram - Social app for iOS. Objective-C/iOS, CoffeeScript/NodeJS/expressjs/mongo

  • Git-Provider - Git libs high-level abstraction library. JavaScript

  • OpenEmu 3DO Emulator Core - A plugin for OpenEmu that wraps FreeDO Panasonic 3DO emulator. C++, Objective-C. thanks to @CodinGuru for porting to new OpenEmu API.

  • Amazon S3 proxy - Proxy to access Amazon S3 bucket by specifying key/secret pair in URL. CoffeeScript/NodeJS

  • XcodeYamlizer - Post-commit hook for keeping YAMLes in git instead of XCode project files, NIBs and storyboards. Ruby

  • heroku-static-sites-hosting - Stores uploaded files in MongoDB, runs on Heroku. CoffeeScript/NodeJS


  • JSNES - NES console emulator on JavaScript
  • Github.js - Github API wrapper on JavaScript
  • - A content editor for GitHub, JavaScript
  • Kindlefodder - Ruby framework and collection of recipes to creating Kindle Ebooks from generic public books


  • DittyBop - Social music game for iOS. Objective-C/iOS, Python/Django

  • BlueNote App - Streaming DRM music, app for iOS. Objective-C/iOS, Python/Google AppEngine

  • Metaprogramming marketing site constructor with advanced high-load capabilities by distribution in AWS cloud and smart management of cloud servers. Has internal small-scheme like language. Developed for client of Sanders New Media company. The interpreter of internal language was written as straight-forward implementation of this paper. Python/gevent, scheme-like-language

  • iHubot - Application for iOS to communicate to standalone Hubot bot. Requires hubot-http adapter. Objective-C/CocoaTouch CoffeeScript/NodeJS for server side. Done in 4 hours or so

  • XenaRogue (video) - Unfinished multiplayer roguelike RPG for iPhone/iPad/OS X. Objective-C/cocos2d

  • GetKitten - Kitten placeholder with nice API. Ruby/Sinatra


  • RemoteSwitch - OS X app for switching off remote control by sequence of remote control buttons. Objective-C/OS X

  • SparkleShare iOS client - SparkleShare client for iOS. SparkleShare is Open Source alternative for DropBox. Objective-C/CocoaTouch