Amazon S3 proxy on Heroku

Just finished a small app that proxies Amazon S3 bucket via specifying key/secret pair in URL. Great to view private published artifacts (say, generated documentation, say, via travis-artifacts for Travis).

Go to main page or just specify yours credentials in URL:

Stuff I used to build this: + Octopress + Travis-CI + GitHub Pages = ♥

I wanted to have nice workflow to write to my octopress-powered blog. So idea was:

  1. I’m editing or creating post in or just in GitHub’s web editor.
  2. Wonderful open-source free hosted continious integration server Travis-CI builds my Octopress blog and pushes generated version back to GitHub Pages

MIME Icons site

Site that provides mimetype icons for hotlinking. Static hosted on GitHub Pages, small NodeJS app runs on Heroku. Icons are being generated by my 2-years or so old python script from beauteful Faenza GNOME icon theme, but could be generated from any GNOME Icon Theme, I hope.

XCode projects without merge pains

XCode’s formats are shitty. They are pain to merge and are impossible to read. YAML is pretty.

Imagine a brave new world with XCode’s nibs, model files, storyboards, project files - all in YAML. Thats what that project do!

You can see how pretty it looks on Github in this sample repo.


I dropped TextMate 2 and Sublime Text 2 this week. TextMate just felt a little bit obsolete and unsupported, and I just hated Sublime Text’s problems with the color output in the console (it was showing like ESC sequences - seriously, guys?) Also, turns out there is no syntax coloring for both of them for Forth language.

So, I’m back on VIM! With Alloy’s fork with drawer and spf13 config. Looks awesome!

Why does anyone uses I J for loop counter variables names

Just because it’s new 2013 year, I started to learn Forth) language. It’s cool stack-oriented language, with strict KISS principle in design. It’s a shame that it’s completely obsolete and forgotten.

Private docs hosting on Heroku

GitHub Pages are beautiful, but if you need nice and smooth private static site hosting it is not gonna work: gh-pages are public even for private repos. Of course, I could have gone with S3, but for fun I hacked together NodeJS-powered MongoDB-backed Heroku hosted solution

ExpressJS experiments

Played a little bit with ExpressJS. coffee-express boilerplate was a good starting point. Made my very own fork with Mongoose models - express-coffee-mvc.

Really nice sinatra-flask-style framework. Default Jade templates are just awesome! For API-only applications without web part restify feels like a better fit though thanks to compatibility of connect-middleware between different frameworks.

PS: just found the best web-framework for CoffeeScript: Zappa. Just like it suppose to be in CoffeeScript!

Xmas hacking - iHubot app

When all proper people are celebrating Xmas, I like a true code janky hacked together a standalone Hubot iOS app.


It’s powered by Heroku installation with self-written hubot-http adapter, which just responds to POSTs on address. So, source of app is on github

Stuff that I have used for this 5-hour hackaton:

brew cask - proper way to manage OSX apps

brew cask install dropbox steam textmate2 one-password cyberduck colloquy intellij-community


Open source books @ Kindle

I finally bought my Kindle Paperwhite (which is jaibroken btw). The cool thing about Kindle that it has community that provides a lot of good stuff:

I used last one, kindlefodder, to write recipes for books The Little Book on CoffeeScript and Smooth CoffeeScript

Quake Live API


I spent an evening investigating their API, and here are some results:

Get Kitten: API to get kitten's image

Played around with Ruby and Heroku.