XCode projects without merge pains

XCode’s formats are shitty. They are pain to merge and are impossible to read. YAML is pretty.

Imagine a brave new world with XCode’s nibs, model files, storyboards, project files - all in YAML. Thats what that project do!

You can see how pretty it looks on Github in this sample repo.


Install XcodeYamlizer with:

$ gem install xcode-yamlizer


Git hooks

The best and recommended way is to install pre-commit and post-merge hook. You can do that from your project’s working directory:

$ xcode-yamlize install

Then, before commit, pre-commit hook will:

  • find all obscure .xibs, .xcdatamodels, project files, etc.
  • create appropriate YAML files with the same name + .yaml extension
  • add them to commit (if necessary)
  • add all obscure files to .gitignore (if necessary)
  • remove all obscure files from git (if necessary) (but will leave them be in file system)

After merge, post-merge hook will:

  • copy all obscure files to the same name + ~ postfix
  • overrite all obscure files from the version controlled yamles.


$ xcode-yamlizer
 -input (-i)  convert file (autodetects direction)
 -dir (-d)    convert directory (default direction - from XCode to YAML)
 -to_xcode    direction: from YAML to XCode format
 -verbose     verbose mode
 -help (-h)   show help
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