Private docs hosting on Heroku

GitHub Pages are beautiful, but if you need nice and smooth private static site hosting it is not gonna work: gh-pages are public even for private repos. Of course, I could have gone with S3, but for fun I hacked together NodeJS-powered MongoDB-backed Heroku hosted solution

It allows you to upload static site in .zip archive. For convenience, it uses GitHub-provided authentication. Heroku doesn’t provide filesystem write access, so the app stores all your stuff in a free 0.5 GB MongoLab database.

Also, it provides nice command-line snippets for uploading (for CI/makefile usage, I guess):

cat | curl -F "siteName=YOUR_SITE_NAME" -F "archive=@-"

Or, if you want to allow access only for your friends & yourself:

cat | curl -F "siteName=YOUR_SITE_NAME" -F "users=YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME, friend1, friend2" -F "archive=@-"

Kinda good-looking GUI done with Twitter-Bootstrap

So, heroku-static-sites-hosting on GitHub and hosted version on Heroku

PS: I was using ZappaJS, CoffeeScript web-framework for initial version. I rewrote it on ExpressJS, ‘cause Zappa is to magical for my taste.

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